This Thriller Starring Radhika Apte And Manoj Bajpayee Will Shake The Shackles Of Your Soul

Admin 23-Jun-2016 13:11:03 Inothernews

What is an illusion? And what is the reality? We have five basic senses. Which help us in their best capacity to identify and rationalize our surroundings. But there is another thing God has given us. The brain. The brain is capable of things that our imagination hasn’t reached yet. And since the brain controls all other senses, it has a free range of manipulating them the way it wants to, and it may seem twisted to people who haven’t tread on this path. This short film uploaded by starring the Manoj Bajpayee who plays a deranged writer, Radhika Apte and Neha Sharma and directed by Shirish Kunder, husband of Farah Khan who herself is famous for a much different genre of movies, will not fail in chilling your spine and keep you on the edge for all of the 20 minutes of it’s duration.

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