7 Reasons Why The Indian Govt. Should Just Ban The TV Serials

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 7 Reasons Why The Indian Govt. Should Just Ban The TV Serials

At a time when most of “us” seem to be swayed away by the western television series, there lies another distinctive group who swear by the Hindi daily series. In fact, compared to the magnanimous amount of people who love their Hindi daily serials, we, who swear by our Game of Thrones and Castle, simply stand nowhere. But don’t you think that those serials are sheer mindless crap and nothing else which propounds patriarchy and imposes a false, and sometimes even utopic, portrayal of the society? Here we have got a few reasons which are well enough to convince the government to ban these serials—

7. Marriage is the Solution to Everything

At a time when people are slowly understanding the worth of being independent, most of these serials end up showing marriage as the sole motive of life. Be it a career oriented guy, or a modern and realistic girl, marriage seems to be their main target. And, funnily enough, sometimes, they even get geared up to marry the person they hate so that they may teach a lesson to their “partners”. Of course, after a few days, this hatred turns into immortal love! After all, the hero and heroine HAVE to fall in love with each other. It happens only in India.


6. Prim and Proper is the Way of the World

Most of the serials that are on air are mostly about the richer than the richest people around. They own an array of cars, they are always decked up from top to toe even while asleep, and yet, the women spend most of their times either in the kitchen or at the prayer room. Now, how patriarchal can it get? Besides, nowadays, there seem to be only two group of people around—the middle class (who never has a penny saved for the future) and the richest (whose patent dialogue is, “What a middle class mentality!) Grow up, man!


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