There’s An Anonymous Revolution Going On In India. And Here’s What They Are Doing.

Admin 29-Oct-2014 15:11:22 Inothernews

We featured the inspiring work by The Ugly Indians way back in March 2014. Since then, common people like you and I have started making efforts to imitate the same in our own cities. And an anonymous revolution took shape that is still spreading across India. This talk by an anonymous member of The Ugly Indians truly depicts the triumph of the common man: how ‘kaam chalu, mooh bandh’ always work. A few highlights from the awe-inspiring video:

1. Why do we keep our houses clean, and our streets dirty?

The problem is we believe that it’s not my problem.


2. Wherever we go, we tend to spread filth

That’s Little India, Singapore, a city that cares about its brand image, enforce laws, and is affluent. Still, Indians have managed to spoil it.


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