10 Daily Struggles Of A Person Who Can Just Not Cook

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10 Daily Struggles Of A Person Who Can Just Not Cook

“Ek culinary-challenged insaan ki zindagi tum kya jaano Ramesh baabu!? Aag aur dhue se roz jhulasta hai ek culinary-challenged, Ek three-course meal ke lie tarasta hai ek culinary-challenged, Bhaagta toh roz hai khaane ke peeche, par raat ko maggi kha k sota hai ek culinary-challenged.” There are three kinds of people in this world - Those who are probable master chef contestants, those who manage to cook something, and those who just cannot handle the kitchen warfare. You, of course, fall in the latter. As much as you adore food, the process that goes into making it is the biggest hassle of your life. If cooking is an art, you are far from being an artist. Here are 10 daily struggles that you face when it comes to cooking.

You have the phone numbers of all home delivery eat-out places on your finger tips.


Maggi is your true soul mate. You might run out of toilet paper, but maggi? Neverrrrrr!


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