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That woman who reminds you of Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City or Deepika Padukone from Love Aaj Kal? Those are the women we call ‘complicated’. She is the woman you’d want to spend the rest of your life with but you’re always scared. She is the woman who has a tendency to leave you on your wedding day because she’s confused whether she should marry or follow her ambition instead. She’s also the woman who walks around with her heart on her sleeve because she’s never scared of saying what she wants to pursue, her wants may be far-fetched but she has nothing to hide. She is the woman you’d want to go back to by the end of the day. She may be confused whether she wants to be with you or the guy who is probably not the best looking but has the brains to-die-for. You may not feel safe with her at all times but that is what pulls you towards her. She is indifferent and cold at times but that’s her nature, she has so many dreams that emotions play a smaller role for her in this lifetime. She unintentionally brings out the best in you because you’re scared to lose her to someone or something else every second. Here is why you should still be with her and nobody else:

1. A complicated girl keeps you interested

She always has an opinion. Politics, her life, your life, her career and what all she can potentially do in life. She talks about one thing at a point and suddenly jumps on to another while you keep wondering what she meant by what she said two minutes ago. She is random and complicated and that’s the cutest thing that’ll ever happen to you.

2. She doesn’t “put up” with things

To many, this comes across as her being a control freak but it’s just that she is not a basic girl, she’s a challenge to every man and that’s what makes your relationship exciting. She knows what she deserves and this attractive quality of hers keeps you on your toes 24*7. You constantly have that fear that she’ll walk away any minute.

3. Her demands make sense

Yes she’s demanding but only for the right reasons. She sees great potential in everything you do. She’s not a control freak, she has expectations and she tries to always push you to be a better man, a better human being. Mediocrity is not her cup of tea.

4. She teaches you to be grateful in life

Her? You can never take her for granted because in your heart, you know she has options and she is strong headed. You will never take a chance there. She teaches you that not everything in life comes on a platter, you need to work hard for beautiful things. A real man will try and be better for her every day because he knows she’s worth every effort.

5. The man dating a complicated girl is definitely more patient

She is difficult but you know in your heart that she almost always has good intentions hidden behind her bizarre demands. So you learn to listen, consider and then react.

6. She is not easy and neither is she uninspiring She may not be easy as most other girls that you know and being simple is a bit too out of her comfort zone. But that’s the point, she is different. She creates issues for you just to make things better, she drives you crazy at times because she has a tinge of ‘bitchiness’ in her nature (as your friends say it) but it’s her passion to follow her principles in life that keep you close to her. It’s her drive to pursue everything she thinks she might regret not trying tomorrow, that makes you fall in love with her over and over again. There’s something really sexy about that.

7. Mostly, girls who are creative are complicated

If you have a creative girl in your life, you know what I’m talking about. Her ingenious mind often drives her thoughts to different directions but when she falls in love, that creativity makes her the most passionate lover in the world.

8. A complicated girl does not shy away from speaking her mind out

She knows what she wants in life and more than that, she is very confident about the things she believes in. If she thinks one-night stands make sense, she will have goods to back her statement instantly. She is a woman of dignity who demands respect and that’s why you will probably be head over heels in love with her.

9. Her smartness forces you to push yourself everyday

She may be smarter than you and you accept it sooner than later if you’re a true gentleman. Just to match up to her IQ level, you try and excel in your field (at least) each day because whatever said and done, you do have those insecure moments. ‘Average’ is a term she can hardly relate to.

10. She is very sophisticated in the way she talks

You will never have ugly arguments with her because she likes to have sensible talks. The fact that there’s healthy communication always makes you relationship stronger. You guys will mostly have fights over national issues, politics, human relations etc. You will never be an unevolved, grumpy man around her. Because she’d never be with you otherwise.

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