10 Precious Life Lessons College Taught Us

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10 Precious Life Lessons College Taught Us

College symbolizes years of bliss, the beginning of complete freedom and self discovery. Our college life is beyond our degree, it about exploring new ideas, meeting new people and growing as a person. It offers us a wide range of social experiences and interactions that ready us for life after graduation. College is an experience that is so much more than text books, exams and lectures. It’s about life lessons that we have learned, that help us graduate in life:

1. Large distances are covered in small steps.

We used to crib about attendance throughout our college life. But attending classes each and every day added up to bigger things: those crucial extra five marks, better understanding of the subject, a better relationship with our professors...


2. True friendship comes with certain responsibilities.

A lot of 'friends' partied with us, but only a handful were there for us in times of need: when we got punished, during assignments, during exams. These are our true friends and we must stand by them just like they have.


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