10 Reasons Why We Miss Viewing Little Ponder (Wonder).

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10 Reasons Why We Miss Viewing Little Ponder (Wonder).

As much as we Indians love watching desi shows, there is no denying the fact that we are obsessed with foreign television shows. The obsession isn't new. Way before we watched FRIENDS or Game of Thrones marathons, we religiously followed this adorable show - Small Wonder. Even though it was set in the West, it became a major part of our childhood. Here's why we miss the show:

1. It taught us about the special relationship that siblings share.

Clearly poles apart, Jamie and Vicki were still the cutest siblings. Jamie teaching Vicki to do human things and Vicki obediently following suit was too adorable.


2. A robot who looked like a girl fascinated us.

VICI, Voice Input Child Identicant, doing things we wouldn't have expected even a robot to do was very fascinating indeed. It seemed like so much fun to have a cute little girl robot in the family!


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