10 Signs That You are A Strong Headed Woman

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10 Signs That You are A Strong Headed Woman

A strong headed woman is someone who is a full circle. She knows the difference between what she ‘wants’ and ‘needs’. She can pick up the little broken pieces of her heart and it into a masterpiece, she never regrets her failed decisions, in facts treats them as life lessons. This article is dedicated to all those beautiful, strong-headed women out there who deserve all the love and happiness the universe can deliver. Here are some of the obvious signs that you’re a strong headed woman.

1.) You follow your heart and are wholehearted in whatever you do

For you, following your heart is the best thing ever. You honor your instincts and put in all you’ve got to get to where you wish to be. The strong headed woman in you refuses to hit the reverse gear.


2.) You are fiercely loyal and nothing/ nobody can take that loyalty away from you

Loyalty for you is everything; it empowers you, day in and day out. More often than not it is a calming and uplifting ritual that you practice. Hence, you never preach it, though follow it throughout all relationships that you indulge in, be it professional or personal.


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