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10 Silly Hoaxes Which Took Indians For A Ride

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10 Silly Hoaxes Which Took Indians For A Ride

The Internet is a treasure chest of amazing finds. At times, you come across certain images and pieces of information that truly blows your mind. But another thing about the Internet is that not everything you find in there is really true. Here are 10 hoaxes that found their way to 'believability' thanks to the internet.

The "Original" Swiss Bank statement to India.


There are so many false features in the letter that it's a miracle anyone actually believed it. Firstly, the official address to India is "Government of India" and not "Indian Government." Secondly, the amount in the bank accounts are mentioned in INR, that too using the Indian denomination system whereas the Swiss bank operates in US dollars, Euro pound, and GB pound, not INR. The telephone code of the bank mentioned in the address section of the letter is 0044, which is actually the code for the U.K. The international code of Switzerland is 0041. Also, the sign of the bank manager is on the right side end of the letter, where as the European system of communication and correspondence uses the left corner of the page for signatures.


A photo that went viral on Facebook with the title, "India during Diwali."


This message went viral in India on the occasion of Diwali. The message came with a picture showing the satellite image of the Indian map during the day, followed by the same during the night, appearing bright and colorful throughout. However, the message was a hoax. The image in question is put up by National Geophysical Data Center of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, USA and is actually a composite satellite view of India at night, showing the change in night illumination during the period 1992-2003. Satellite data from the year 1992 is shown in blue color, 1998 green colored, and that in 2003 is colored red. This stunning composite satellite image of India at night was developed by NASA so as to illustrate the increasing population of India over the years.


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