10 Strange Episodes Reported In India

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10 Strange Episodes Reported In India

While the rest of the world believes India is a magical place full of mystery and adventure, it does feel like we Indians have forgotten just how strange and wonderful our own country is. There's reports of unexplained sonic booms, enticing fairy lights and a whole lot of alien influence, all based in India. Here's something that might jog your memory and remind you that there is a little magic out there.

1. UFO sightings

The deserted region of Kongka La in Ladakh has a widely accepted reputation of being a UFO base. Witnesses have reported several instances and photos of different forms of flying objects as well as strange lights that have consistently been going to and from this mountain region. Considering the treacherous and hard to reach terrain, a UFO base here doesn't seem that unlikely. There was also a UFO sighting in 1951 in New Delhi involving a a 100 foot long object, another one in 1954 in Bihar witnessed by 800 people and one as recently as 2007 in Kolkata. Incredible.


2. Ajanta Ellora Alien Caves

The cave temples of Ajanta are famous worldwide for their statues carved from the edges of stone cliffs. It is claimed however, that several of the carvings and sculptures are inspired by UFO sightings by the makers around 300 BC. The circular discs and figures are said to be flying saucers that the temple builders saw and paid obeisance to.


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