10 Things Every Woman Must Learn Before Marriage

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10 Things Every Woman Must Learn Before Marriage

It might be 2014 but when it comes to marriage, a woman still lives in the 1950s. Utter the word wedding and pictures of a family, cooking, cleaning float before our eyes. But, no, it isn't cooking or cleaning. Nor is it about nodding your head and pleasing your MIL. A marriage is a union, a partnership between two people and the responsibility is not always his or hers, but shared. There are many things a modern man needs to do to ensure the union is equal. But then, there are certain things every woman must learn and understand before getting married, too. What exactly are they? Read on...

1. Marriage Laws

Ha! Why am I ever gonna need marriage laws, you scoff? But remember, in India, a marriage is not just a union of two people but often of two families. We might scream that we're modern off rooftops, but when it comes to living in wedded bliss post marriage, there are a lot of nitty gritties you might not know about. For eg: Did you know that according to thew Hindu Marriage Act, conversion or change of religion by either the husband or the wife is a valid ground for seeking divorce? So much for secularism! No, we are not suggesting that every marriage ends in divorce or you need to be wary before getting married but it might be of great help in the future if you're aware of your rights and the laws. Also, once you're married, it might not only help secure your marriage but you might also be able to assist someone who does not know the proper laws and is going through a rough patch. Talk to a lawyer friend or simply google the basic laws and facts. It'll definitely make you feel a lot more safe and secure. Also, if the circumstance ever arises, you know what's right and what's wrong without having to run from pillar to post or consulting one of the many women aid organisations/lawyers (which can be an expensive affair).


2. Medical Tests

There are a lot of issues that might arise in your marriage at a later date if you're not careful now. While the HIV test for couples is slowly getting more popular in urban areas, it needs to be made mandatory for couples planning on getting married. The test does not insinuate that you're not of a good character but rather, should be taken as a step for the future. Marriage means the start of a new family and if you're not sure about your medical background, you can endanger your child's life. Also, getting the tests done before marriage can save a lot of pain and heart-ache at a later stage. This step is important not only for those entering love-marriages, where the spouse's past might be known to a certain extent but even essential for arranged marriages where, more often than not, you're not completely aware of your partner's history. If a woman desperately wanting children of her own gets married to a man who cannot father kids, it might lead to difficulties in the future. While in a love marriage, this might test the bond of the couple, in an arranged marriage, it might lead to blame games between not just the partners but even the families. Getting clean medical reports sets your mind at peace and helps build trust. If something develops later, in the future, then the partners can tackle it together and not blame the past or of being kept in the dark. This applies equally to a man as well as a woman but sometimes, women are more hesitant to take tests as they feel it might be an accusation on their character. You need to rid yourself of the stigma.


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