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10 Things We Really Miss About Our Grandparents

Admin 01-Oct-2014 11:26:18 Inothernews

10 Things We Really Miss About Our Grandparents

We all love our grandparents. They were an integral part of our childhood and we just cannot imagine growing up without them. From their endless advice and unconditional love to priceless gifts (My grandpa gave me my first cycle which I still have because of the sentiments attached to it), we all have so many little anecdotes about our grandparents. While some of us are lucky to still have them around, a lot of us sadly have just the sweet, old memories that we've collected along the way. Here are the 10 things that we miss the most about our grandparents.

1. Visiting them during summer vacations.

The fondest memory we have as children is going to our grandparents' house for the summer vacation. That was the highlight of our entire year and our grandparents ensured it was like an extended party for us.


2. Shagan or pocket money.

They never used to let us leave their house empty-handed. Goodies and shagan were a daily ritual. That 100 Rupees note from them could put us on top of the world .


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