11 Amazing Facts About Sundarban

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11 Amazing Facts About Sundarban

Sundarbans—the name itself casts a magic spell over innumerable adventurous around the globe. It is indeed a surreal feeling to be sailing through the brackish water, amidst the dense jungle that has been an abode to the majestic Royal Bengal tigers and some of the most venomous reptiles on earth. If you are still wondering in the dark about this region, here we have got 11 amazing points that will illuminate your knowledge about this region.

11. World’s largest Mangrove forest

Sunderbans National Park is the largest mangrove swamp in the world. This place is distinguished by the productive growth of littoral mangrove vegetation. They grow best in these salty coastal waters. So here goes another reason to love our country!


10. Globe’s largest Delta

This Archipelago is the world’s largest deltaic forest. It is also known as the Bengal Delta or the green delta which is formed by the amalgamation of the two rivers, Ganga and Brahmaputra. It is spread out in an area of almost 1,330 square kilometer in India. If you think that there isn’t any natural zone in India to be celebrated, you’ll be pleased to hear that this evergreen land of mangroves was awarded as a “UNESCO World Heritage Site”.


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