12 Intriguing Characters You'll Meet At All Indian Shaadis

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12 Intriguing Characters You'll Meet At All Indian Shaadis

Shaadis are a big deal in India. And then again, why shouldn't they be? They are as entertaining as a blockbuster paisa vasool Bollywood film. Besides the food, glitterati and emotional traditions to be followed, there are all kinds of people you bump into at Indian weddings. Some pleasant and some not-so-pleasant, they're entertaining to observe all the same. At any Indian wedding, you simply cannot miss these interesting characters:

12. The Stalking Photographer

I agree I feel like a celeb when you get captured in your all-new attire. But, dude, you don't have to stalk me in the entire marriage with those big halogens! Urgh!

P.S- Don't click while I am eating.


11. The Camera-Obsessed

Then there are those, who run after the photographer to get clicked. They want to feature in every frame and be seen as the most important people at the wedding. They pose even when they are not-so-close to the family.


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