13 Delicious Dishes You Can Whip Up In 5 Minutes Or Lesser

Admin 27-Feb-2015 17:10:59 Inothernews

13 Delicious Dishes You Can Whip Up In 5 Minutes Or Lesser

All of us have been in that position in life when there is nothing available to sustain us. Some of us have had to face the wrath of the messy food of mess while others have had to face their own messy skills as a cook. No matter which category you fit in, at times like those certain evergreen dishes/drinks come to the rescue. All of us rely on these dishes difficult times (read when your maid is on an off or you have nothing in your refrigerator). Here are some of them :

1. Bread Pizza

Bread is available in decent abundance. Add to that cheese, tomatoes, chillies and whatever veggies you can manage and we get this wonderful pizza. The savior when even thirty minute deliveries seem too long or expensive.


2. Microwave Eggs

A coffee mug, two eggs, milk and salt is all you need to make amazingly fluffy scrambled eggs. Just whisk everything together and microwave for three minutes (or less, be very careful because you don't want the egg to explode) and voila! Healthy and filling - Sunday ho ya Monday, roz khao ande!


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