14 Motives For you to Try Hiking The moment In your Life span.

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14 Motives For you to Try Hiking The moment In your Life span.

The idea itself is so mesmerizing that it will leave you intrigued about the possibilities of what beauties you’ll encounter during that course. Camping is highly underrated and it is surely not for everyone. India is filled with countless places to camp and yet there are so less people who take this voyage.

1. You figure things out on your own

Trust me, even though it’s all the same, camping is a new experience every time you step in the woods. There’s a new lesson to learn, there’s a new vicinity to explore, there’s a new struggle to live and a new adventure to enjoy. Amid this you discover joys of doing things on your own; setting up the tent, looking for a place to pitch and a lot more.


2. You learn to take responsibility

You look at the bigger picture. For starters, every time you light up a bonfire to keep you warm, there’s a part of organic matter you kill on the land which will remain fallow for a very long time. Thence, the choices you make aren’t necessarily the ones that you make for yourself, but also for others, who are there with you.


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