15 Factors Most of us Do In your Classrooms.

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15 Factors Most of us Do In your Classrooms.

If you think about it, we all spend a huge portion of our lives in school. And most of that time is spent in a classroom, where we all took classes, jotted down the teacher’s lecture and gave our exams. But those aren’t the things that we remember the most. It’s the little things that we remember.

1. Going "Good Moooooooorning Ma'am" as soon as the teacher walked in

I still don’t get why we greeted our teachers in such a melodic way. But we did it all the same. It just felt…right. I guess the extra vowels put in that much more enthusiasm and genuineness to our customary early morning salutation.


2. Passing notes

Passing notes was awesome fun. They could be, by turn, messages of love, incredibly inappropriate jokes or hastily made caricatures of our least favourite teachers. But God forbid if your note was caught. Then it would be a long march to the front of the class where you’d be made to read your note out loud.


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