15 Indian Web Lies That Tricked Us

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15 Indian Web Lies That Tricked Us

The internet is a treasure trove of information but you can't take everything at face value because some of it might be cooked up. Every now and then, shocking reports crop up on our newsfeeds and they put us in a frenzy. Later, we find out that the 'news' is nothing but hogwash. Here are 15 such hoaxes that have taken India for a ride in the recent past:

1. Photograph of Nathuram Godse shooting Gandhi

This photograph was believed to be clicked just moments before Nathuram Godse assassinated M.K. Gandhi. But as it turns out, no photograph exists of that day and all we have are eyewitness accounts. This picture is a scene from a 1963 British movie called Nine Hours To Rama. The character playing Godse is German actor, Horst Buchholz.


2. Three-headed snake

This photo did the rounds on social media a few years ago, and the people in the snapshot clicking photographs made it seem more authentic. However, this image is nothing but a product of Photoshop as the two extra heads were copy pasted. The people in the frame were clicking photos of a regular king cobra.


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