15 Points Ladies Ought to Quit Becoming Sorry For.

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15 Points Ladies Ought to Quit Becoming Sorry For.

I've seen a lot of women who feel sorry for the things they do - not big, important things which have some major significance or consequence in their lives - but small, random things that they do just because they want to. What's the point? Too often, women apologise for the things they do, and sometimes even for the things they don't, merely out of compulsion. But it's high time we shed our inhibitions and stopped being sorry for being ourselves. I am sorry for being overdressed, I am sorry for drinking, I am sorry for spending money on myself, I am sorry for being single.

1. Pampering yourself

Why do you have to feel guilty about taking time out for yourself? Going to the parlour, getting a new haircut, sitting in a spa - do whatever you please - and stop feeling bad about spending some money.


2. Being girly

Wear those sky high heels if you want to, put on the darkest shade of red lipstick if you like, wear that fancy dress to work if you please. But please stop being sorry about being girly.


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