15 Reasons Why We All Want To Go Back To College

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 15 Reasons Why We All Want To Go Back To College

We go through different phases in life. And out of all of them, perhaps the one we remember the most fondly is college life. You get to feel, see and experience hundreds of new things for the first time. You make friends for life and memories to last a life-time. And when you look back at this time 10 years on, al you want to do is rewind time and live it all over again.

It's our first step into a brave new world full of exciting possibilities.

Do you want to be an academic? Do you want to be a sports-person? Maybe dabble in a bit of theatre? Or do you want to a bit of everything? Anything and everything is possible.


You finally ditch your school uniform and dress like a show-stopper everyday.

Change your wardrobe every month or wear the same four T-Shirts for the entire year. Your choice.


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