16 "Widely appealing" Bollywood Movies That Were Adored By ALL

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To each one of us, Bollywood means larger than life sets, films infused with an excessive dose of drama and romance, and of course, the masala tadka which constitutes its basic ingredient. However, with all these going on and on for years, you do look out for some respite and see the story of someone exactly like you, caught in the turbulent affairs of life but still managing to keep up that smile. With this effect in mind, some renowned directors, in the 1970s, ventured out to make films with heroes without the six pack abs and heroines without that dollop of foundations. These are our very own “Middle of the Road” films, and some of our best picks are listed below (not in any order).

1. Chashme Buddoor

One of our favorites, this is a film that intricately pictures out the psychology of young boys (No! They don’t have to be bad, always!). Do watch it if you’ve still unlucky enough to not watch it!


2. Kisise Na Kehna

Do modern girls always have to be bad? Well, this film breaks all the stereotypes associated with “modern women” and how nicely so!


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