17 Tv Programs That you must Binge Enjoy.

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17 Tv Programs That you must Binge Enjoy.

Thanks to broadband, we're part of a generation that has many choices when it comes to entertainment. This also means we have the option of binge-watching (haha! take that, TV audience). The thing with binge-watching is, it's not always about how good a TV show is, as long as it manages to "hook us in" for a few episodes, we're slaves to it. Here are some shows that are best enjoyed when you gobble up the episodes at one go.

1. That 70's Show

This show explains why our parents wore bell-bottoms and floral shirts. Because it was damn cool back in the day and so was the cast of this show. Eric Foreman's basement was perhaps the coolest hang-out we could imagine. The quality fizzed out when Topher Grace and Ashton Kutcher left the cast after the 7th season, but the first few seasons of the show are definitely binge-worthy.


2. Arrested Development

The most dysfunctional family on TV ever is not the Simpsons or the people from Modern Family; it's the Bluth family. Whether it's the awkwardness of George-Michael Bluth, the tricks of Gob Bluth or the optimism of Tobias Fünke, this show always got it right by narrating the story of family that got everything wrong. Every episode in it is like watching a different variation of Murphy's Law. Agreed, it got a little 'meh' in the fourth season but the original run of the first three season still makes it one of the best shows ever.


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