17 Ways In Which Bollywood Showed Sex

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17 Ways In Which Bollywood Showed Sex

When it comes to portraying “gandi baat” in not-so-ganda ways, nobody does it better than Bollywood. From cute to over-the-top to simply bizzare, there’s no stone filmmakers have left unturned to imply sexy times. Those were the days when all people did in the Censor Board was swat flies or play whatever it was they played before Angry Birds. Here are 17 totally super crazy ways in which Bollywood depicted sex.

Steaming up the screen with 'Flower-Play'

Just when you expect lips to meet and sparks to fly, douchebag flowers take over.

The long story was cut short with super-fast blooming mutant blossoms.


The story between the eyes and lips

Here’s a fantastic and interactive way to depict lovemaking. Show the audience first base and have them imagine the rest.


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