18 Easy Kitchen Tips For The Ones Who Live Alone

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18 Easy Kitchen Tips For The Ones Who Live Alone

You desperately need this, right – the ones who stay outside, all alone? Living away from home has its own ups and downs. It may look like Heaven on earth for some, but the ones who actually stay, know, what it is to live alone. The biggest tragedy always happens in the morning – what to cook? With due respect to good old Maggi, too much of it can’t be taken for long. You have to go to the kitchen, take out things and cook, and yes, on your own. Let’s see some of the kitchen tips which can make your mornings a little less bothersome:

18. Boil Potatoes Before Hand

You need potatoes for your dish? Boil them the previous night. When you’re ready for cooking, take them out, cut into pieces and use it in your dish. It cooks faster and is super delicious.


17. Keep rice soaked in water

You’re a rice-oholic? Rice keeps you up and takes you to bed? But it takes you time to cook it, right? Use a pressure cooker to take down the cooking time much lower. For best results all you need to do is keep the amount of rice to be cooked, soaked in tap water. This way cooking gets faster and you use very little gas. Liked the second saving more, right?


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