18 Places In India You Should Visit (Again) With A DSLR

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18 Places In India You Should Visit (Again) With A DSLR

True. That is why people take photographs; to capture the beauty of beautiful things and moments, so that they can be preserved forever, and revisited whenever the heart yearns for it. We are lucky to be born in a land whose beauty knows no bounds. From hills and valleys to beaches and lakes, from majestic historical relics to iconic buildings, there's more beauty in India than the mind can ever imagine. And that makes this country a photographer's paradise.

1. Lotus Temple, New Delhi

Also called the Bahai Temple, this place is the pride of Delhi. It is best captured during the 'Blue Hour' which is mostly a short period just before sunrise and just after sunset.


2. Rann of Kutch, Gujarat

There is a purity in the whiteness of this seasonal salt marsh. On a bright day, you'll be able to capture the stunning contrast between the white and the blue sky.


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