6 Habits Of Indian Mothers-In-Law That Are No Longer Tolerated

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6 Habits Of Indian Mothers-In-Law That Are No Longer Tolerated

India is a country of spices, and the country has so much abundance of the same that the even our relationships are sprinkled by a healthy amount of spices. And, do you know which relationship, or “bond” (if we may call it so), wears the crown of being the spiciest one? Well, no prizes to guess that one—it’s the colorful and bitter-sweet relationship of mothers-in-law and daughters-in-law. However, the picture wouldn’t be that perfect always for mostly the daughters-in-law would be bugged to death by some staple antics and habits of their “husband’s mothers”, but thankfully, those are not tolerated at all by today’s women. To know more about those typical “mother-in-law antics”, read on the listicle—

6. Give Me All Your Jewelry, You Won’t be Able to Keep Them Properly

One of the first things that yesteryear’s mothers-in-law would ask their daughters was this making it quite sure from the very first day that she’s the boss—the creator, preserver and the destroyer. Well enough! The daughters-in-law would meekly surrender to them. But, nowadays, with the fashion of “costume jewelries” coming in, we wonder how the traditional mothers-in-laws would fare!


5. If You Don’t Do This, I’ll Slap You

Slap? If you even think, give a “warning” to your daughter-in-law or even think of slapping her, then be rest assured spending nights at the local jail to the Tihar jail isn’t much far away. With hundreds of cases of domestic violence coming in daily, the Government has made it a point to take up this issue with much prudence and seriousness. So, all the daughter-in-law beating aunts out there, watch out!


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