6 Things Noticed On The Indian Streets That We Love And Hate

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6 Things Noticed On The Indian Streets That We Love And Hate

What is the one word that helps you sum up India? Well, if you ask us, the one word would be “colorful”. Yes; from the people to the houses to the décor and even the streets—vibrant and colorful are the two terms that can be aptly used to describe India. And, do you know where you can visualize this variation of hues? It’s the streets, of course. And, this list is all about the streets of India—sometimes painted in vivid hues, sometimes in quirky hues while the rest of the times in shady and dark hues. So, here we go—

6. Nothing is More Prettier and Vivid that the People of India

Well, one of the first things which we notice on the Indian streets is the people. The picture gets even more vivid in some famous tourist spot or metropolitan cities where you get to see people of numerous religions, backgrounds and class all coming together for either work, travel or business.


Although the picture turns a bit claustrophobic in the metropolitans, it is indeed one of the colorful sights ever! Don’t you agree? Of course, we choose to remain mum about those people whose eyes see public toilets everywhere and nothing else.


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