7 Batman Villains Rated On An Evil Scale.

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7 Batman Villains Rated On An Evil Scale.

The creators of Batman have chipped and polished a strong character that has appealed to comic fans and Hollywood for generations. Bruce Wayne's identity is defined by a turbulent past that holds him hostage to his role as the Dark Knight of Gotham City and challenging him is a whole circus-ring of bad guys. Now, a super-villain is supposed to be evil, after all, he or she is supposed to be the antithesis of the hero’s personality. But there is something really twisted and disturbing about the villains that Batman has to deal with. Here is the Rogue Gallery!

1. Catwoman

For her love-hate relationship with the Dark Knight, we'll have to bring her to the bottom of the list. When she's good she's Batman's favourite, and when she's bad she can be quite frisky. She is a master thief and has moves that could incapacitate the next rogue on the seedy streets of Gotham.

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2. Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy takes on the mantle of the eco-terrorist, an overtly sexualised and seductive villain who loves plants more than people. Her origin lies in a couple of botched up experiments. She has the power to control human minds with her fatal kiss and the ability to manipulate and use toxins from plants that she is immune to.

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