7 Best Roads In India Where You Can Run Your Luxury Sports Vehicle

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7 Best Roads In India Where You Can Run Your Luxury Sports Vehicle

Are you the proud owner of a top-class SUV and wonder when and where to take your car out? We bring to you the roads in India which are devoid of the potholes and are a treat for the one driving the car. But having said that, let’s also ensure that the craze of driving on a tension free road doesn’t lead to breaking the traffic rules. This post comes with a statutory caution to ‘Drive Safe and Not to cross the Speed Limit.’ Don’t make the drive prove fatal for you or anyone else.

7. East Coast Road

Also called as State Highway 49, this road connects Chennai with Cuddalore en route Pondicherry. It is a two lane highway and the total length of the road is 690 kms. A drive along this stretch is picturesque as it is built along the coast of Bay of Bengal. So, not only do you enjoy the peaceful ride but a glimpse outside your window of the calm sea soothes your body and soul. In addition to the view courtsey Bay of Bengal, you will encounter fishing villages, Hanuman Temple and rich vegetation at this stretch.


6. Marine Drive Puri

Yet another scenic drive is on the Marine Drive in Puri. Connecting Puri and Konark, this road is most famously known as the Konark Marine Drive. With temples along this road, your drive becomes an enjoyable and religious one.


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