7 Reasons Why Diwali Was More Fun When We Were Young

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7 Reasons Why Diwali Was More Fun When We Were Young

Life as kids was fun. Or at least everyone likes to think so. We were cute and adorable but we were also manipulative, greedy and needy. What truly defined us was our energy and enthusiasm during festivals. It didn’t matter if it was Eid or Holi or Diwali; we loved every festival equally. Diwali however had a charm of its own. Here are some incredibly true reasons why Diwali was more fun when we were young.

3. Shopping for clothes with family but then creating a ruckus about other things too. That new Barbie or that G.I Joe… We were a needy bunch, right?

Diwali calls for shopping and those childhood memories of hopping on to the bike and heading straight to the store to buy new clothes was something beyond special. But the fun part was to manipulate your parents to get you stuff that you promised not to ask for in the first place.


4. Pretending to help our mother with making Ladoo’s and Diwali snacks just so we could eat them before everyone else does. Bless you greed!

Remember those days when you would walk into the kitchen and pretend to help our mum cook up some sweet delicacies? Fun days to remember, weren't they?


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