7 Signs That Show Indians Are The Most Spoiled

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7 Signs That Show Indians Are The Most Spoiled

Indians are indeed the most pampered nationality overall. Our lifestyle is very cozy, our schedule is always fixed and convenient, our demands are always met (Well almost). When it comes to being pampered it is not always our families who contribute to the indulgence, it is also the bountiful world of customer service (Hail Indian customer service). If you aren’t sure about how we Indians are pampered beyond expectations, here is an assorted list that each one of us can certainly relate to.

1.) There is a designated individual who presses a button for our parking slip.

While parking in a mall, there is an individual to press the parking button for you and handover the parking slip too. We’d rather call this customer service at its best!


2.) We're so pampered that we don't even have to fill our own grocery bags.

Grocery shopping is always a task, but what makes up for it all is that we always have someone at the billing counter usually standing just to fill up our goods in a plastic bag. Feels so rewarded. All for the love of customer service and pampering!


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