8 Things You Should Do At least Once Before You Get Married.

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8 Things You Should Do At least Once Before You Get Married.

For those who haven’t already heard the term ‘Bucket List’; it is a list of all the things you want to do in life, all the goals you want to achieve, all the dreams you want to fulfill and all the experiences you want to live. It is good to have a bucket list because in all honesty, life is about a string of check boxes lined together. So here is a bucket list of some of the things you should do before you get married and your significant other half ties you down. Women I tell you!

8). Have an unforgettable bachelor’s party with your close friends. Hangover Style!

Maybe you can keep this one reserved for your bachelors bash before you get married. Party in a way that you have never partied before! Test your body’s limit. Consume alcohol in dangerous proportions. Drink till you can drink no more and then drink some more. Dance till your feet hurt and then dance some more. Wake up with the most terrible hangover you ever experienced. Forget about whatever happened in the night.


7). Have a one night stand with a complete stranger.

Somewhat difficult if you live in India but if you do it right, you just might get lucky! It will be one of those nights you will remember forever.


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