9 Type Of Characters You’d See In A Gym In India

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9 Type Of Characters You’d See In A Gym In India

It’s really nice to see a lot of people getting more and more involved in being healthy these days. Really. You step out to the park and you’d see flocks of people jogging their way around, you head to a yoga studio and you’d find hordes of people flexing their way to health. But guys, it’s actually at a gym where you’d find some true gems. They can be notorious, they can be snarky, they can be goofy, but they definitely are a lot of fun. I’m sure you’d have faced at least one of them during your stint at the gym.

1. The high-on-steroids trainer

Of course, he’s got steroids running in his veins instead of blood. But hey, don’t stereotype him already, he’s talented too. He can get you all bulked up within weeks, thanks to all those fancy sounding protein shakes he’ll be selling you at double the price.


2. The lazy bum burning daddy’s money

He/She is always the first one to submit their membership fees on time, because daddy dear has got loads of currency notes to burn! That’s a different story you’d never actually see them around. And even if they do turn up at the gym, they’d rather hang out than work out.


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