Frequented Places In Kolkata You Ought to Better Abstain from Going to Alone

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Frequented Places In Kolkata You Ought to Better Abstain from Going to Alone

According to the elders of the society, especially the Indian society, there’s a definite age to do everything—like, you cannot play in gully cricket if you’re in your 30s or above. Well, these things might take a long time to change; but there are a few things which attract the attention of everyone alike—from an 80-year old grandfather to his 5-year old child—take for example, a visit to a spooky bungalow. Spooky stories about well known public places sell like hot cakes! If you don’t believe us, then read on the list about some haunted places in Kolkata —

7. Rabindra Sarobar Metro Station

Jumping at the tracks of Metro railways which carries 4000 volts of current seems to be the Suicide paradise of Kolkata—it’s been en vogue since the inception of the Metro in Kolkata. However, around 70% of the total suicides have been committed at the Rabindra Sarobar Metro Station. According to the drivers of the trains as well as the daily passengers who get off at the station from the last train at 10.30PM, you’d be able to spot, at the same time each day, eerie unclear figures vanishing into the tracks within fractions of seconds. Well, if you’re in Kolkata and in mood of some adventure, try this out!


6. Lower Circular Road Cemetery

While the South Park Street Cemetery is considered as one of the haunted places around, the nearby Lower Circular Road Cemetery, however, surpasses it. In that cemetery, there’s the grave of Sir W.H. Mac Naghten whose body was ripped apart in Afghanistan. Later, his wife had assembled the remaining pieces of his body, brought to Calcutta and buried here in this cemetery. Apparently, if someone narrates this incident near his grave, then huge tree above his grave shivers.


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