He Fights For The Marginalized Section Of The Society. And He Deserves Nothing But Respect

Admin 16-Jul-2014 18:08:40 Inothernews

Joe Madiath has fought for the last 30 years for the welfare of the marginalized section of the society. He has worked diligently in providing a better life to people who are considered the low strides of the society. He started Gram Vikas Program in 2009 to help the poor in Orissa get high quality sanitation & water. Apart from aiding them with better solutions, this program brought in unity, development & knowledge amongst people. We wouldn't call it just a September 2013 Campaign. This is still a problem, sitting in this day, in this hour, in this very year. Let's not pray but pledge to help in our capacity & that not only Orissa but the whole of India sees a better day. Soon.

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