Here Are Some Things That Should Belong To India But Don’t

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Here Are Some Things That Should Belong To India But Don’t

Recently, the issue of several Indian treasures and artifacts languishing abroad due to different laws has been coming into the limelight. We all know about the long and as-yet unsuccessful struggle to get the Kohinoor Diamond back from the British to more familiar shores. There are, however, quite a few other figures, sculptures and treasures in foreign lands that, when you think about it, rightfully belong to India.

1. Jagdamba, Shivaji Maharaja's legendary sword Currently resides in Buckingham Palace

The sword, gifted to Edward VII, the Prince of Wales, during his visit to India is now a part of the Indian treasure that adorns Buckingham Palace in London. Despite being a gift, it pretty much does belong in India.

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3. Saraswati Idol from Bhoj Temple, MP

Currently resides in the British Museum
A sculpture of the deity from the Bhoj temple, It was acquired by the British Museum in 1886. There has been a huge demand for the return of these to the Saraswati temple in Madhya Pradesh

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