How Non-Bongs React To Typical Bengali Nicknames

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How Non-Bongs React To Typical Bengali Nicknames Nicknames are usually a simple affair in our country. Akshay is called Akki. Preeti is called Pri. Mandeep becomes Mandy. Like I said, it's normally a straightforward matter. Unless you're a Bengali. Trust me, I know. We take pride in our nicknames, or Daaknaam, because our parents and our grandparents give it to us after much thought and discussion. The only problem however is that when we reveal our names to the rest of India, we are met with quizzical puzzled faces and frankly very strange reactions. Because our nicknames aren't like your nicknames. Bong nicknames are...different. If you have a bong friend, ask them & they'll tell you. And your reaction isn't going to be a normal one either. Here are 25 popular bong nicknames and the reactions the rest of India give on hearing them:

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Your nickname: Tutul How people react: ''Is that bong for turtle or something?''

And you go like:

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Your nickname: Kaanu

follow link How people react: ''I think I'll call you Kaanu Reeves from today.''

And you go like:


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