Indian’s Guide To What Patriotism Is And Isn’t

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Indian’s Guide To What Patriotism Is And Isn’t

It seems every politician has a similar recipe when it comes to making speeches. Their central idea seems to be bending the idea of patriotism to suit what they do and what they want. Politicians getting slapped, rallies getting stoned, eggs being thrown, it just seems patriotism is getting a bad name thanks to all these people. What is it that patriotism means to us common people? Here's a simple 10 step guide expressing what patriotism is and isn't:

Burning books which criticize India and attacking the writers isn't patriotism. Questioning it through logical debate is.


Turning a blind eye to crimes that happen in our country by quoting crime rates of other countries isn't patriotism. Bringing it to the forefront and fighting for justice is.


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