Indias 15 Most Unsafe Excursion Ends of the line

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Indias 15 Most Unsafe Excursion Ends of the line

India is a melting pot of experiences and cultures, a quality that also bleeds out onto our everyday lives and what we do. Obviously, with all the craziness and fervour in our country, our surroundings had to reflect the people we are. Some of these places are man made, some have been naturally around since time immemorial, but all of them are guaranteed to give you a thrill. Presenting, the most dangerous spots in India.

1. Phugtal Monastery - Built on a cliffside

This surreal Monastery, known as the Phugtal Gompa, is situated in Ladakh and is built in the form of a honeycomb cut into the side of the cliffside. A precipitous climb to the spot and very limited options for food make this a place you prepare yorself to go to. The dizzying heights are commonplace for the locals, but anyone else might have a hard time.


2. Bastar- Swarming with naxals

This district of Chattisgarh is home to beautiful and wide ranging forests and rivers. The large and unmanned woodland is also the perfect spot for guerilla activity, making this green paradise a hotbed of Naxal movement. Several attacks and firefights in the region have ensured low footfalls but high body counts.


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