Little Triumphs That Fulfilled Us Super As Children

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Little Triumphs That Fulfilled Us Super As Children

What is it that would make you super happy? Becoming an IAS officer, living on your own, having lots of money or owning a fancy car? When we were kids, something as simple as a getting a pat on the back to driving a cycle for the first time made us happy. Now, as we slog our asses off at work, let's take a walk down memory lane and remember the times when life was simple. Here are 15 things that may sound not-so-important now but were our biggest triumphs as we grew up:

15. The first time you got a star from your teacher Or a perfect 10 on 10. Aaah. That feeling of joy!


14. Your first stage performance

Remember the first time you stood in front of hundreds of people? Your heart was beating fast and your throat was dry. You avoided eye contact and gave your 100%.


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