Meet The Professor Who Is Asking For Money In Mumbai’s Local Trains For An Amazing Reason

Admin 27-Sep-2014 18:03:51 Inothernews

Millions of people in Mumbai take the local trains on a daily basis to travel across the city. If you are one of them, and if you are lucky enough, you might have come across Professor Sandeep Desai in one of those crowded locals. In a voice clearly audible over the endless noise, this professor calmly explains about his amazing initiative to teach primary school students in rural areas of Maharashtra and Rajasthan. Dressed in formals with a backpack and a donation box, he walks across compartments introducing himself as the Founder Trustee of the Shloka Missionaries. With this Public Charitable Trust called Shloka Missionaries, Professor Desai runs four English medium schools where children are taught free of cost. In order to collect funds for this, he chose the best possible mode of communication; a place where people literally have no other option but to listen to him. While many commuters try to understand his mission as they contribute with their share, there are many others who can’t find enough faith to believe in his cause. To stand in a crowded train compartment and ask for money, in times when trust is the rarest of human traits and the most difficult to obtain- requires a lot of courage, passion and determination. Armed with all of these, Professor Sandeep Desai will tell you what makes “Vidya Daan Sreshth Daan”.

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