Say Hello To The Newest State Of Matter Around, The ‘Jahn Teller Metal’

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Say Hello To The Newest State Of Matter Around, The ‘Jahn Teller Metal’

Here is some awesome news for the ever curious souls. Scientists in Japan have developed a new state of matter named as ‘Jahn-Teller metal’. The path breaking discovery could lead to an understanding of the study of superconductivity. You must be wondering what this is. We have tried to pack-in some information about the newest metal on the block.

What is ‘Jahn Teller metal’?

The Jahn-Teller metal appears to show the combined properties of an insulator, superconductor, metal and magnet. The research could help develop new molecular materials that are superconductors at even higher temperatures. The discovery was done by studying a superconductor made from carbon-60 molecules or “buckyballs”. The new state was found after changing the distance between neighbouring buckyballs by doping the material with rubidium. The study provides important clues about how the interplay between the electronic structure of the molecules and their spacing within the lattice can strengthen interactions between electrons that cause superconductivity.


Who discovered it?

The name ‘Jahn Teller metal’ comes from the Jahn Teller theorem which describes geometrical distortion of molecules and ions that is associated with certain electron configurations. It is named after eminent scientists, Hermann Arthur Jahn and Edward Teller who came up with this theorem. The discovery was done by Tohoku University in Japan. Kosmas Prassides, who headed the team of international scientists is a recipient of many prestigious scientific awards.


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