Why Most Of The Thinkers Prefer Buddhism

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Why Most Of The Thinkers Prefer Buddhism

Though many thinkers challenge the declarations made by religions, Buddhism has so far been more compatible with both scientists and thinkers. The reason for this could be the fact that most scientific, psychological and philosophical thoughts today share some amount of commonalities with Buddhism. Jean Piaget in his ‘Theory of Cognitive Development’ argued Buddhism to be a fourth mode of thought which went beyond science, religion or magic. Many thinkers have stumbled upon similarities between Buddhism, Epicureanism and Stoicism which are well known ancient philosophies. Let us check out 6 reasons why most of the thinkers prefer Buddhism.

6. Philosophical background

Though many consider Buddhism as a religion, in truth the term ‘religion’ only applies partially and only to some Buddhist traditions. Buddhism has been accepted by many thinkers to be a philosophical thought coming from the eastern world. Many modern day thinkers look at Buddhism as a philosophy which is a continuous source of valuable insight into the human condition. They find that the teachings of Buddha add to their wisdom in dealing with life.


5. The Eightfold Path

The eightfold path of Buddhism has been accepted as a success formula for life by many thinkers all over the world. Many life skills teachers and psychologists are coming up with similar formulas to help their clients deal with problems they face in everyday life. The eightfold path encourages people to have

1. Right view

2. Right intention

3. Right speech

4. Right action

5. Right livelihood

6. Right effort

7. Right mindfulness

8. Right concentration

Most of the thinkers agree that when followed in the right way, the eightfold path propagated by Buddhism could end most of the suffering of mankind.


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