Will certainly Cats and kittens Still Tip The world wide web In 2015?

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Will certainly Cats and kittens Still Tip The world wide web In 2015?

You've probably heard this before; how the internet is like Ancient Egypt, and people write on walls and worship cats. Because that's what we've been doing in 2014. Liking cute cat pictures and going gaga about internet cat celebrities who've risen from hilarious memes to endorse products, star in movies and travel the world.

1. Grumpy Cat

That's not her real name. It's actually Tardar Sauce. After going viral from Reddit to Twitter, this feline from Arizona has been covered on the news, been photographed with the who's who of Hollywood, has her own guide to grumpiness, has her own drinks brand (the grumpaccino), and recently even starred in her own movie. All while being the mascot of the Friskies brand of cat food. I feel pathetic now. You've got to bring out the tissues when a two-year-old cat has achieved more in life than you ever will.
Her owner has since earned $100 million and Grumpy couldn't give a damn about it!


2. Lil Bub

The world was captivated by Lil Bub's funny eyes, deformed lower jaw and perpetually stuck out tongue when her owner posted pics of her hanging out during his jam sessions. She's a hit on social media and is more recognisable than pre-pubescent members of boy bands (sorry One Direction)! Lil Bub is probably the only member of internet cat royalty who has made efforts to reach out to felines who enjoy the same status as her. Unfortunately they're too busy nesting themselves in boxes and taking selfies.


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