You Can Take A Gujrati Girl Out Of Gujrat But Not The Gujrat Out Of A Gujrati Girl.

Admin 01-Oct-2014 19:02:51 Inothernews

The seemingly perfect summary of Every Gujju Girl! Be it New York or London, Ahmedabad or South Mumbai, Gujaratis are populated all across this globe! And not to forget, Gujaratis are those with the most peculiar traits. Irrespective of who they are, where they are from, Gujaratis at some level have something so peculiar to their kind, that it’s almost unanimous with their existence! To pay a comical tribute to the many many Gujarati girls across the globe, Being Indian by Culture Machine has come up with a video titled – Every Gujju Girl in The World. The video takes a jab at those Gujju girls who will speak fluent English but would never quite miss the peculiar accent for some specific words such as – Coke is Cock, Hall is Hole, Bad is Baed and many many more such innovative words unique to the Gujju English Dictionary. And what is any Gujju girl without her obsession for Dandiya and all the vanity related to it! Be it bikini choli or the most extravagant ghagra, Dandiya is a way of life for them!

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