Did You Know Cricket Balls Were Cooked & Stitched Back In 1956? This Video Shows You How

Admin 22-Oct-2015 14:21:17 Inothernews

The Twort family has been associated with manufacturing cricket balls for over a century and a half. What seems like a kitchen is actually their factory that manufactures cricket balls. There has been a significant change in the process over the decades. However, to see how they did it back in 1956 is mesmerising. Have a look at how craftsmen used their talent to carve out a piece of perfection that is the essence of the game of cricket: "In these highly mechanised days, no one will regret that there are still a few trades where only handcraftsmanship will produce perfection." This stands true even today. The practice of the final stitching being done by hand has been the same since 1890.

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