Her Stepfather Was Abusive But He Couldnt Compete With These Unlikely Heroes

Admin 12-Apr-2016 12:57:01 Inothernews

Everyone knows that stereotypes aren't cool, but we can't avoid buying into them sometimes. And that's especially true when it comes to bikers. Most of us see these rough-and-tumble ladies and gents as being scary and aggressive, but as it turns out, most biker gangs come together to help members of their communities live their best, safest lives. A group called Bikers Against Child Abuse (BACA), for example, works to protect children from abuse. "We're that single strand of barbed wire between Hell and happiness for them," one member explained. Just look at what they did for this girl. A 15-year-old girl was going to testify against her abusive father -- and she had some pretty incredible backup. And this isn't the only group that's protecting children. There are others who make it their goal to put an end to child abuse. The Bikers Against Child Abuse organization has a Facebook page, that way bikers all over the world can stick together and help kids in need. There are those that think motorcycle enthusiasts are just part of "biker gangs" -- and those "gangs" get a bad rap. But these bikers are using their intimidating presences for good. Kudos to these men and women who are fighting to protect innocent children. It's always reassuring when people empower others who have simply fallen victim to the hands they've been dealt.

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