Here’s How Hitler Stole Our Revered Swastika & Turned It Into A Symbol Of Evil

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Here’s How Hitler Stole Our Revered Swastika & Turned It Into A Symbol Of Evil

The swastika is one of the most recognizable symbols in India, and is a part of the Indian culture in Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism, representing an ancient Sanskrit word meaning "well being." The hooked cross symbol of the swastika has a rich history, dating back thousands of years. But, it was only this past century that the symbol grew a completely different meaning and became the symbol of suppression and inhuman extermination.

The first use of the hooked cross was on ivory sculptures from 10,000 BCE.

Some of the first known uses of the complex structured swastika symbols were from Mezin near the Russian border. The symbols were engraved onto sculptures of birds and phallic objects made from ivory. These sculptures are known to be from the palaeolithic era, and the engravings seem to be a remaking of the naturally occurring pattern found on the cross-section of the ivory tusks of Mammoths.


It was considered a symbol of fertility in cultures from the palaeolithic era.

In fact, the engravings were made on sculptures of phallic objects made from ivory tusks. And, the Mammoth itself was a popular symbol of wellness and fertility. Single swastikas started to appear in the Neolithic Vinca culture across south-eastern Europe around 7,000 years ago. And, by the Bronze Age the swastika symbol had spread across Europe.


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