Lesbian Creates Unique Sex Toy That Can Help You Get Pregnant

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Lesbian Creates Unique Sex Toy That Can Help You Get Pregnant

A lesbian, Stephanie Berman wanted to come up with a way to get her wife pregnant, without having to use a 'turkey baster or a needle-less syringe'. Berman, a reproductive health expert from Boston, came up with the clever concept, which she named the Semenette, after examining the other available methods of at-home fertilization open to her and her wife. Semenette is an ejaculating vibrator that can be used for artificial insemination (which thereby makes it an unique sex toy). Source: The Independent

"When my wife and I wanted to start a family, we thought about our options and weren’t necessarily happy with any of them, I started thinking, what if I could recreate the technology that a turkey baster would provide, but in the form of a sex toy? That would be the perfect scenario - it would not only allow both partners to be really involved in the process, but it would allow for privacy and authenticity and intimacy," said Berman as reported by Daily Mail.

When Berman's wife Kiersten Marie, used the Semenette to conceive their daughter Isabella, they received tons of support and praises from people hailing from various communities.

The toy is now also coming in handy for heterosexual couples too and men with erectile dysfunction. It is currently on sale for £93 ( Rs 9469 approx). It has been nominated for couple's sex toy of the year at the XBiz awards as reported by The Independent.

Berman's product has become popular enough to be launched in Indiegogo which will secure funding to develop Semenette 2.0 that will reportedly be softer and have different colour options.

Source: indiegogo


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