These Men Heard A Girl ‘Being Raped’ In A Parked Car. How They Reacted Will Leave You Speechless

Admin 08-Jul-2014 19:03:52 Inothernews

In a controversial yet daring social experiment, the people at YesNoMaybe hired a car with blacked out windows and parked it in a secluded area. Then, they set up a pre-recorded audio byte to play on loop inside the car, in which a woman is screaming for help and is being intimidated and quite possibly, raped by a group of goons. A chill will run down your spine as you watch how a few people reacted when they were confronted with the situation. Forget intervening directly, they did not even think of calling the Police! How unfeeling and apathetic can we truly be? But not everyone was an uncaring monster. The reactions of a small group of heroes will restore your faith in humanity. Our greatest respects to the hero right at the end, who proved all you need to make a change, is courage.

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